It has been released the news that The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after getting in a car accident on Wednesday,.

Bialik’s car was struck in a Hollywood intersection by a vehicle filled with three passengers. The 36-year-old Emmy nominee was then rushed to a nearby hospital for injuries, while the passengers from the other car had minor injuries and there was no need for any hospital admission, according to a LAPD spokesperson.

A representative close to her had already spoken to her and was glad to learn that she is going fine. She will be returning to work tomorrow. Bialik is thanking everyone for their concern

Though is sad to report that the Blossomalumna was in danger of losing her finger, But Bialik told her fans in Twitter that she’s OK. That meanwhile her husband is typing for her. Although she is in pain but she will keep all my fingers. This was a bit of fresh air for her many fans.

Sources from The Big Bang Theory told that Bialik’s accident is not affecting production of the show.

Bialik is not only an actress but a parent -advocate and recently, she is making use of her fame direct attention to a way of life she firmly believes  must be contained inparenting. Her book, “Beyond the Sling,” exemplifies the parenting methods she used with sons Fred and Miles. It includes allowing the children to set their own potty-training schedule and often the elimination of toys.

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